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YOU impact sales more than your sales reps. They need you.

We all know most of the money goes to training the sales rep and very little to training sales managers how to coach.  However, we can still inspire our teams to exceed their potential.


Think of yourself as a Head Coach at a Division One school.   What would your day, week, month look like?  How do you win games?   How would you go about building your culture? What are your responsibilities to build a winning program? 

  • To make your athletes better each day in practice.
  • To be consistent. Coach them each day.
  • To motivate them.
  • Watch their progress.
  • To have a plan for each player so they know exactly what they need to do to get better.
  • To teach them;  about the game, their responsibility and role on the team.
  • To understand them – what motivates them and how approach each player individually so you can get the maximum amount of effort from them.
  • And correct them when needed to achieve the ultimate goal.

If you have a week between games in football or 3-5 days in basketball during the season you can’t coach to “just win” games.  You have to have a game plan (your strategy) based on your opponent, but during the week, each day you are coaching your players to get better on the one or two things they need to improve, so they can contribute thus making the team better.

The college programs I’ve been around, all the coaches have player development plans, daily practice plans and a game plan, plus a scouting report on the other team.  All written down.

The head coach and the coaching staff is consistent.  Coaching daily to improve performance based on specific needs of the players and collective needs of the team improve to the best of their ability.  Great coaches focus on what THEY need to do as a team to get better, not what others are doing.  


  • Do we do this as sales managers?
  • Are we consistent our coaching?  Do they know when to expect it?
  • Are we consistent in our follow up?
  • Are we inspiring them?
  • Are we teaching them or telling them?
  • Do we understand what motivates them?
  • Do we have a plan for each of our sals reps?
  • Are we monitoring their progress frequently and correcting them when needed and then following up?

Studies show we are not doing as good as job as we should be doing.

We need to a better job coaching ourselves to coach others.

We need to hold ourselves accountable to the same development focus and sales results we hold our team to.

THE ANSWER – same flow as above.  Self Directed Development.  Be Willing to do what you are asking of others.

  • Get yourself a development plan.  What do you need to do to improve?
  • Know your style and it’s impact on others.
  • Know what motivates each person on your team.
  • Get individual plans for each of your team.  EVERYONE.  The best want to get better.
  • Set regular dates for assessment, observation, discussion and correction for each rep.
  • Be consistent in your interaction and followup.
  • To genuine interest in their development.
  • Make them a part of their plan.
  • Teach don’t tell.

Measure Yourself First.  Clean up Your Own Backyard.  Self Directed Development

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