Ever feel this way when making a new hire? Stop “hoping” they work out or settling for the “best available” candidate.

What would happen to your sales if you had an entire sales force to top producers?

Behavior trumps experience. It’s THE FIT!

To improve, we must do something different.   Adding science to your hiring process will:

  • Create a “standard” template from which to measure candidates.
  • Take the guesswork out of hiring
  • Simplify the selection and interviewing process
  • Improve retention
  • Reduce the time, energy and expense of new sales people

Top producing sales representative have the following characteristics:
  • Highly Assertive:  They have a fast paced approach toward work activities
  • Energetic:  They display initiative and be able to cope with a variety of assignments.
  • Work with goals and deadlines, and to communicate a sense of urgency to others.
  • Are decisive
  • Deal with challenges and overcome tough obstacles
  • Have a tone of communication that is persuasive and two way
  • Demonstrate flexibility
  • Have an open, responsive posture with new ideas
  • Work actively at instilling a positive, enthusiastic “can do” attitude in others
  • Sense the needs of others and to relate to them on a personal, friendly basis.
  • Develop relationships quickly and easily.
  • Demonstrate an interest in and concern for others.
  • Are flexible in adapting to differing styles and personalities
  • Convincingly respond to objections and disagreements
All of these ‘intangibles” are measureable through a short five minute behavioral survey.

We are not a recruiting or headhunting firm, we are an executive management, development and coaching organization.

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You are judged by the people you hire.

“Hiring People First has been one of the smartest decisions we’ve made.  As a result of our eight year relationship we make better hiring decisions, know specifically how to coach our people to improve sales and overall we are a better group of managers and coaches.”  National Sales Manager, 10B $ Sales Organization.