According to Oracle research, 89% of reps want more coaching.

Studies from the Sales Executive Council indicate a 19% increase in sales when a formal coaching program is implemented.
In a study of 2400 sales people across industries, participants cited coaching as their manager’s biggest skill deficiency.

How effective is your sales management at coaching, developing and reinforcing your training initiatives?  Start with a quick assessment of your sales organization:

1.   People.  Do you have the right ‘behaviors” needed to drive revenue? Learn to replicate top producers using behavior assessment.

2.   Process.  Do you have a replicable Sales Process or is each rep using his own language and approach? You can’t improve on ambiguity.

3.   Coaching Implementation.  What proof do you have the training is being implemented? How effective is your sales management at coaching, developing and encouraging your process is followed and your training objectives are being reinforced?  Have they been trained to Coach implementation?

A formal coaching program is a systematic approach that improves performance.

Training is the acquisition of skills, coaching is the application.  

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